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Is the Tractor-Train Free?

Yes, Our tractor train service is free to take you wherever you need to go on the farm!

Please note; You enter the PYO fields and use our Tractor at your own risk. 

Can we take the large green punnets home?

Yes, you can take the punnets home with you but we do encourage you to wash it and bring it back next time to limit the amount of plastic we are using and save the environment!

How do we water our fields?

We have our own private Borehole which is filled by rain water and naturally filtered by the chalk found in our farm's hills.

Are we allowed dogs on the PYO?

Unfortunately, for hygiene reasons we cannot allow dogs on the farm as we sell food and they could accidentally  contaminate the crops. Very sorry. 

Do we Accept Card Payment?

We now accept card payments at the pick your own farm. 

Do we need to book before we come picking?

No, you do not need to book, just turn up, collect your picking equipment and off you go! It is all done by weight so you pay at the end for whatever you pick.

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